Goose Creek Trail 7

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The project will complete the Phase 7 portion of the Goose Creek trail from Hutto Blvd at Baker and provide a connection from Baker to Cedar Bayou Lynchburg through the Center Port utility power line easement with future expansion to the New Mall.

BUDGET: $540,765.00

WHY is this project needed: This trail connection will provide connectivity from Cedar Bayou Lynchburg to Bayland Marina. 

HOW LONG will this project take: This project will take 4 to 6 months with construction starting in Spring 2022. 

WHAT are the project improvements: The trail will be expanded into a 10-foot-wide concrete trail that includes a shared use path. This will finish the connection to the existing Country Club Cove Neighborhood sidewalk, which in turn, connects to McElroy Park.

Phase 7 Map