Long Range Plans and Studies

Current Plans and Studies

  1. 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Bayway Comprehensive Plan (PNG)The Comprehensive Plan 2040 will serve as the guiding document for sustainable growth and development for the City of Baytown through 2040.

The Comprehensive Plan, last updated in 2007, is a long-range plan that addresses a variety of topics, including land use, mobility, economic opportunity, revitalization, quality of life and sustainability.

It serves as a framework for community discussion on the real and perceived challenges facing Baytown currently, as well as opportunities that will shape Baytown’s future.

Get involved by visiting the Bayway Corridor Plan on Baytown Engage.

Finalized Plans and Studies

  1. Mobility Plan
  2. Downtown Master Plan
  3. 2025 Comprehensive Plan
  4. Market Street Corridor 
  5. Bayway Corridor

Baytown Mobility (JPG) Opens in new windowThe Baytown Mobility Plan (PDF) was adopted by City Council on January 24, 2013 to capture the City's goals as expressed in the 2007 Comprehensive Plan and 2008 Vision Statement. This document contains infrastructure improvement projects, funding strategies and mechanisms, and mobility policies, plans and maps to help mold our future. It provides direction regarding all aspects of mobility in Baytown including the City’s major streets, sidewalks, hike and bike trails, bus routes, and even future commuter rail.  

  1. Planning Services

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