About Us

  1. Mission
  2. Vision

The mission of the Baytown Police Department is to carry out our sworn duties to protect and serve all citizens of our community by partnering with them to reduce crime and enhance quality of life, with honor, integrity and professionalism.

  1. Goals and Performance


The ultimate goal of the Baytown Police Department is to be the safest city in Harris County. In preparing for the coming fiscal year and the budget, BPD staff identified four core services provided by the department: Public Safety, Community Service, Community Outreach, and Personnel Development. Each of the core services has a goal and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with them and is tied to the budgeting process as well to demonstrate stewardship of funds and resources entrusted to the Baytown Police Department.

Below are the primary supporting goals, along with KPIs for each of our Core Services. Objectives, and work plans are not included, as they are subject to continual review and revision based on feedback from the KPIs. In some cases, the KPIs are traditional metrics for measuring progress in a police agency, such as those found in the core service of Public Safety which uses number of patrols and their ultimate impact on reported felonies, as well as investigative clearance rates as they relate to monthly crime statistics. In other areas, less traditional KPIs have been used to measure progress. For example, the core service of Community Outreach uses KPIs that reflect creation of new community partnerships and outreach programs, as well as attendance levels. All goals, objectives, workplans, and KPIs have the result of improved safety and enhanced quality of life in the community. 

Public Safety

Goal: 10% reduction in Violent Crime

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Number of Data-Driven Focused Interdiction Patrols in geographic areas that account for majority of felonies. 
  2. Number of felonies reported monthly with statistical comparisons to previous years in areas accounting for majority of felonies.
  3. Clearance Rates on felonies.
  4. Prime Metric - number of felonies reported monthly.

Goal: 20% reduction in Traffic Related Fatalities

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Number of Data-Driven Focused Traffic Details in geographic areas accounting for highest crash rates.
  2. Number of DWI arrests reported monthly.
  3. Number of educational and enforcement contacts in geographic areas identified by crash data and citizen complaint data.
  4. Number of crashes and fatality crashes reported monthly with statistical comparisons to previous years in the same areas identified by crash data.
  5. Prime Metric - number of all traffic crashes reported monthly.