Community Center Labyrinth Project

Secondary Logo_Full ColorThis Project was initiated by Councilwoman Laura Alvarado of District 1 to foster a place for mindfulness in Baytown.

What: Creation of a zen labyrinth near N.C. Foote Park and the Baytown Community Center. 

Why: To offer a space for meditation, prayer, and peace that is available to all Baytownians.

When: Construction crews plan to be completed in November 2023.

Plans for a walking Labyrinth located behind the Baytown Community Center and Near NC Foote Park*Plans are still in development and subject to change

  1. A flat concrete circle with a ramp going onto it, green paint follows the outline of the labyrinth

    Community Center Labyrinth Project - November 27, 2023 Update

    The path layout is complete on the community center labyrinth. Project Information
  2. Circular concrete foundation
  3. A worker placing sealant for concrete at the new labyrinth entrance.

    Community Center Labyrinth Project - October 30, 2023 Update

    Concrete has been poured and is being sealed by construction teams. Project Information
  4. The base of the Community Center Labyrinth with rows of rebar set inside wooden frames

    Community Center Labyrinth Project - October 23, 2023 Update

    Steel rebar has been added for concrete to be poured. Project Information
  5. A man with a hammer setting a wooden frame for a walkway
  6. Two men with shovels working to move sand for the new community center labyrinth.

    Community Center Labyrinth Project - October 17, 2023 Update

    Ground work continues on the Baytown Community Center labyrinth. Project Information
  7. A wheelbarrow and shovel sitting inside of a large circular wooden frame

    Community Center Labyrinth Project - October 10, 2023 Update

    Ground has been broken at the site of the new Community Center Labyrinth. Project Information