Public Affairs

About the Public Affairs Department

The Public Affairs department is the primary communicator of the City of Baytown Government story. The City recognizes the value of citizen engagement that includes a proactive approach. Public Affairs is responsible for media relations, City messaging, marketing, video production, public channel 16, social media, event planning and implementation, special projects, oversight of content on official City websites, and oversight of the Tourism Division. Public Affairs also develops and provides leadership over the state and federal legislative program. The office curates and crafts content about various departments, employees, programs, and initiatives within the organization and works collaboratively with community partners.

Major Goals

  • Providing transparent information to establish and maintain trust with the community.
  • Building awareness of local government initiatives and programs. 
  • Creating interest in the community via marketing campaigns and storytelling. 
  • Improve the reputation and image of the City by sharing positive information with the community and surrounding areas. 
  • Improve awareness of Baytown’s resources and amenities to potential visitors and residents. 
  • Ensure state and federal associations, stakeholders, and policymakers are aware of and consider Baytown’s legislative priorities.

Major Objectives

  • Market Baytown as a top destination to live, work and play. 
  • Drive positive coverage of the City of Baytown by pushing out information and positive stories about the organization, community and community partners. 
  • Develop marketing and promotional campaigns that effectively cultivate an appreciation for the natural environment, arts and culture, community amenities, job and educational opportunities.
  • Attract new residents by promoting community amenities and resources. 
  • Actively promote the community through statewide and nationwide networking initiatives. 
  • Support strategic initiatives by promoting information about programs, positive outcomes, projects and accolades. 
  • Draft a list of legislative priorities and actively engage state and federal policymakers on matters of importance to Baytown.